Monday, May 9, 2011

Raggedy Ann Pants - In Pink

Why Raggedy Ann? Because they really remind me of the pants on my raggedy ann doll. But of course, these are pink because pink is her favorite color. Thankfully, it's any shade of pink that's her favorite color and not some horror shade of shreaking bright pink!  :)

Bad pics. For years, the girl wouldn't let me take her picture. Now when I tell her I want her picture she says, "I'm ready for my close-up now!"

I'm working on sketching out a summer romper but really didn't want to cut into the material I have picked out for the romper so I made a pair of pants out of this pink material my parents found at an auction. Yes an auction. They find boxes and boxes of material at auctions and pay mere pennies for it. What my grandma and I don't want for our stash, my grandma takes to church and they make quilts out of it.

The bottom is just ric rac with a thin piece of elastic sewn on to create the gathering below the knee.


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