Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The buzzing of the bees...

The bees are in and happily settling into their new homes. This is what 10 lbs. of bees look like.

The mister putting the bees out. Or maybe it's called putting the bees in since he shakes them into the hive. I hadn't watched it before but he sprays the trays with sugar water and sprays the bees with sugar water so they can't fly and dumps them into the hive. As they fill the trays, supers will be added. The tall hive is our bees from last year. We had two last year but lost one hive. This year we will have five hives.

It really very interesting to watch bees as they start to make honeycomb. I wish I had pictures of the whole thing but I got stung and came down to the house for a tweezers to get a stringer out. When one of the travel boxes was opened, they were already making honey comb!

I also moved the ducks and geese out of their brooder boxes and into a little bit bigger pen. Ducks and geese make sloppy messes because of the amount of water they need. Plus the geese were starting to duck because they were getting too tall!

We've had a productive day and only have one more big task to check off the list today and that's moving the rabbits out of the barn into their pen outside for the summer.



  1. I have really enjoyed watching the bees my son bought this season. What a great, useful hobby!


  2. I am a bit jealous. I would love to have bees, but I'm lucky hubby agreed to chicks this year. One thing at a time. :-)

    Great blog.

  3. All this started 5 years old with two roosters I brought home from a guy at work. Of course the roosters needed some hens and now we have more animals than I care to count. :)))

    Chickens are a good start. They're friendly and give out wonderful eggs!!