Saturday, February 12, 2011

A hat for my baby

My two oldest children have not been home this weekend. Emily went to Grandma's Thursday night and the boys and I picked her up on Friday to go and visit her other grandma (my mom) to deliver her and Grandpa's Valentine's. They wouldn't come home with me. This morning I went to go pick them up and was greeted with, "What are you doing here?" and "We're not going home for 4 days." So it's just me, the man, and the lil' baby. So this momma is kinda lost!!  :)  The house got cleaned and the dishes done. We went to the farm store and ordered field seed and priced out a new chainsaw. I know...such exciting stuff!

I started and finished the pettiskirt for Emily's Valentine's Day dress. I also started another sleep sack. This one is for a baby shower gift. It's the same material as the one in this post. Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow and mail it out on Monday. I also started and almost completed an order for a customer.

I also started this hat from this pattern on etsy.

PATTERN Daydreamer Crochet Hat Pattern Photo Prop

I'm not sure if I fell in love with the hat or with the adorable baby!!

I would really love to learn how to knit and I've tried several times but I struggle with knitting. I learn one set of stitches and usually end up forgetting what I learned by the time I come back to it. Crocheting however seems to come naturally. I can not work on any crocheting projects for months and always seem to pick it up quickly again just by reviewing the stitches in a book. There are so many great new patterns out there for crocheting and I do like having a crafty hobby that I can easily slip in my bag and take with me.

I'm off to snuggle down with a movie and work on my little hat again.