Monday, February 7, 2011


Today is the first day on my own as Shane went back on call yesterday and had to go into work this morning. But I will say that I do have a wonderful family that is able to help me out. Shane is able to get Em on the bus in the morning and his mom will come out at lunchtime to get her off the bus. These are simple little things that make my life easier. When it's warmer out, we'll take the stroller to the end of the driveway but when it's cold, it's a lot of work to get the boys bundled up, into the jeep to sit at the end of the driveway to wait for the bus.

Baby is still working on finding his routine. He has a 3-hour period of awakeness every day but so far those times have changed throughout the day. He also must be ready to grow because he nursed last night from 8 to 11 p.m. and again from midnight to 2:30 a.m. It makes for a tired day since Connor decided to wake me this morning at 5:30 a.m. Although I will not complain because he wakes me with hugs and kisses.

Right before baby was born, I did finish Emily's quilt. She picked out all of the fabrics and binding color and loves it. The minky and the batting make for a very cozy little quilt and it has a nice weight to it. I have a couple spots on the binding that I need to hand sew that I missed with the  machine but I can't get it away from her long enough to do it!!

I also finished another sleep sack. This time using a brown and turquoise ooga booga print. I seriously love the concept of a sleep sack and wish I would have had them with my first two children.

The baby quilt behind baby is from great-grandma. My parents love auctions and often find material that they give to my grandma. Grandma uses it for her own projects and also takes much of it to church because her circle makes quilts for mission work. All of my kids have received a baby quilt from great-grandma.

My daughter loves the fact that her momma sews and often asks for dresses for holidays. She has a valentine's day party at school next Monday and wanted a new dress. Which I'm more than happy to sew and we even picked out material from my stash. Then yesterday when we were getting ready for church, I remembered a dress I made for her last spring for Easter and she wouldn't wear (I think she said it was too big...which was true). I pulled the dress out and she declared it her Valentine's Dress. Her only request was that it was "poofy" which can easily be accomplished by adding a layer of tulle underneath the skirt.

I am so jealous of that beautiful bright green grass in the background. Looking out the window now I see a sea of white!!!

This morning when I was checking my email and google reader, I was found out that I won a giveaway. Lora from Eager Hands (who by the way has 5 lil' cuties and still makes beautiful jewelry and sewing items for her etsy shop) had a giveaway for a gorgeous lil' blanket made from vintage material.

I normally do not enter giveaways. Mostly because I feel guilty winning sewn items when I'm a seamstress. However, yesterday at church we had a potluck luncheon and during lunch I went upstairs and sat in a pew while nursing Logan. I was thinking of how I should sew a blanket for his baptism since I had with both of my other kids, along with a baptism outfit. When I was reading blogs last night, there was a reminder to enter her giveaway and I did thinking it would be a beautiful little blanket for his baptism. And I feel so blessed to have won something made with God's Love.

Have a blessed day,