Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a slacker and oh my snow can be beautiful

I'm slacking. I set a goal for myself and didn't finish. Well, actually, I didn't even start. But in my defense. Shane is out of town. Logan has been eating now stop in the late morning/afternoon. Connor has been deciding to fall asleep at 4-5 o'clock in the afternoon thus resulting in him being fully awake and ready to start his day at 4:30 a.m. BUT, this momma is not a morning person which completely throws me off. So, I've been eating horribly which doesn't help the situation.

I also took the kids in for their pictures on Friday. Emily was not in the mood to cooperate and Logan just wanted to eat but Connor was a good little picture taker. After two hours we finally decided to reschedule for Sunday after church. Emily was great and was being a little model. Logan did exactly what I wanted him too. But Connor...well, by the end he needed a nap and was going about 482 miles per hour.

Yesterday, it also started snowing. We were supposed to get up to 20 inches but it changed and we probably got around 8 inches. It's snowing now and we're supposed to get another 4 inches. (UPDATE: My dad just called from Mississippi to tell me it's GORGEOUS and 70 degrees. Thanks Dad I love you too.)

The second picture is the door. The snow comes up to the second window pane and slopes about 4 feet out from the door. It was really windy and we're a little snowed in right now. I'll have to find someone to come shovel us out later this morning.  :) Since I don't know how to drive the tractor, I'll have to "plow" the driveway by running the jeep up and down it a couple of times. Shane tried a couple times to teach me how to drive the tractor but gave up out of frustration and dear fear for his life. He can be SOOOO dramatic at times. I mean, a fence is replacable and I only nicked the door to the shed....  :)

But that just means it is probably a good morning to get started on my projects. I did do some cleaning out in the kitchen but that was more of getting rid of sweets. I started walking on the treadmill this week and for some reason, I've had a horrible sweet tooth. Not good. So I threw out all of the junk food that has seemed to accumulate from Valentine's Day. When I'm tired, I eat and become a middle of the night eater. So the past week has been especially difficult. Because Logan sleeps such a long stretch during the night, I still have to get up to pump and put wood in the woodstove. So I fill the woodstove and then will sit and pick at treats while I pump.

We'll be doing a lot of this today!!