Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I didn't paint today but then I'm exhausted and didn't have the energy. But I do love to paint. I love how easy it is to transform a room with a little bit of paint. The only thing that bugs me is the leftovers. There really is no safe way to get rid of paint. When I bought my first house, I wanted to redo the spare bedroom using blue. Blues must be calming to me because I'm drawn to them. However, I can never seem to find the right shade of blue, it's always too bright, too childish, or too brash. I had just finished remodeling my bathroom (HUGE HUGE accomplishment considering I'd never held a hammer before buying a house and I did 82% of it on my own!). But during the painting process of the bathroom, I had 6...yes 6...different colors on the wall. This was at midnight and I finally called my girlfriend and asked her to please come take the paintbrushes away.

So when I was planning on redoing the bedroom, I finally took all the already used paintcans and dumped them into a 5 gallon bucket and I ended up with the most beautiful shade of deep dark blue I've ever seen. So, in hoping to repeat the success, I rounded up all of our paintcans and dumped them together and ended up with a soft moss color. I still have a small can of blue that I used to paint the vanity when I redid the bathroom a couple months ago and I may end up dumping that in the can tomorrow morning and see what I come up with but right now the color is perfect. I also think I have some material in my stash that will match perfect so if everything works the way I want it to, the project will cost me nothing (although that's not counting what I spent initially).

As I've gotten older, my decorating tastes have become more subdued. I want calming, soft colors in place of the deep, bold colors I used when I was younger. Although that may have something to do with having kids and sometimes needing a soft and calming environment!

I am now exactly 14 days away from my scheduled C-Section. It seems like so far away but I'm sure the next two weeks will fly by. Although I'm still hoping this little one is the exact opposite of my first two and comes early with labor starting on its own, and I have a nice easy labor and a nice little baby. Daddy laughed at me and asked me if I'd been drinking juice that had been left in the refridgerator too long!  :)

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