Monday, January 24, 2011

The Diaper Bag Revisited

I've been sewing for about 25 years. Ever since I was a young girl. Sometimes you'd think I'd have it together. In my last post about the diaper bag, I talked about the yellow bias tape and how I didn't really like it. After a comment, I went back and reread the instructions and thought I figured out why it wasn't coming together right. You're supposed to turn the bias tape to the inside of the bag.

So since I needed thread anyways for a baby shower gift for this weekend, I went into the little bridal shop/gift store/5 and dime store to pick up some thread and figured I might as well change the bias tape since I thought I had it figured out. Apparently still not thinking very well, I grabbed some brown bias tape and the thread I needed and came home. Ripped out two seams and opened up the new package of bias tape. Oh's single fold, this will never work. Hmmm, hmmm, OOHHHH!! Ah-ha!! That's what the whole issue was the entire time, I was using double fold bias tape and I needed to use SINGLE FOLD BIAS TAPE. Came together like a breeze.

I'm so lovin' this bag now without the yellow bias tape across the top.

Have a blessed day,