Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ballerina Girl Bag

Em loves dance. She's actually too young to start where we live but the teacher allowed her to start a year early because her teacher recommended that she was ready to start. She's been in Early Education since she was 3 when her hearing was fixed. So when she started dance a couple months ago, she wanted a bag. Which I wanted too because if I start a new organizational technique from the get-go, it's easier to get the entire family to follow it. When you try to start a new organizational technique otherwise, you have to break old habits while trying to establish new habits...needless to say, I prefer to start new old if at all possible.

We found this material at Wal-Mart and being the sparkly thing that she is, she also wanted to rhinestone letters to put her name on it. I used this tutorial from Simple Modern Mom with a couple very slight variations. The only thing I'd do differently is that it could probably use some light interfacing to give it a little bit of structure. When she comes home from dance, her clothes go into the wash and the bag gets hung up on a peg. When her dance clothes are washed, they go immediately into the bag. That way, everyone knows where the dance clothes are and we're never scrambling at the last minute to find tights or tutus.

I finished my tasks from yesterday. Well, when it comes to the one about starting the diaper bag, I state that loosely. I picked out the fabric and it's finishing up in the dryer and it will have to be ironed...but, I'm one step closer and will work more on it today. So today, besides laundry and dishes, I want the bathroom needs to be cleaned for the week and if I have the gumption, I want to get Em's quilt put together. But that means I need to go to my mom's because I don't have enough floor space to lay it out so that's where the gumption comes in!

I also added snaps to the closure on the boppi pillow. I should have made the overlap, overlap more. I love my snap pliers. I think it was one of the best investments in sewing notions I've made. I bought mine here. I have colored and white snaps and use them so much in place of buttons on kids clothes.

Have a blessed day,

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