Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homemade Baby Receiving Blankets

I finished three receiving blankets this morning, well actually this afternoon.

I made all three blankets flannel on both sides because I hate tucking babies into flannel receiving blankets and seeing the odd-colored backside. Plus, we live in Wisconsin and it's cold in the winter! Daddy's favorite is of course the helicopters because...well...he's a helicopter mechanic. I love the machine embroidery on the two red backed ones. But oh man did the stars take FOREVER and use alot of thread.

I have two weeks left before my scheduled C-section and a couple more projects to finish. I'm saving the diaper bag until dad gets home from traveling because it involves having to think and with foggy pregnancy brain and the kids, that's something I haven't been doing a lot of this week.  Plus, for some reason I decided the living room needed to be painted and have new curtains so that's my project for tomorrow...yeah, I know, it's the hormones...

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