Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whimsical Couture Pillowcase Romper

The Facts

: 2 yard of Heather Ross Far Far Away
Pattern: Whimsey Couture Pillowcase Romper
Year: c. 2012
Notions: None. Could use grosgrain ribbon for ties.
Time to complete: about 2 hours. Could have been quicker but three kids, one of whom is sick (which explains the funky pose above) and another teething.
What I'd Change/Changes Made: None, surprisingly. Miss Em is very comfortable so I may make another one.

I love this double guaze material from Heather Ross. And it screams summer. The only difference I would make on another one is to lengthen the body, probably 3 inches. But this is only because Em has a long body.  I left the ends on the tie raw so they will unravel and fray. I turned the hem under 1" twice since I didn't have enough material to add a ruffle and didn't want to put a solid blue ruffle.

I haven't sewn, really sewn, in quite awhile. It felt good. Now to start working on downsizing the fabric stash with some more projects!


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