Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Simple Sunday Afternoon and the Snake

It all started out innocent enough. Farmer took the little farmer to buy a new piece of farm equipment. So the little man and Miss Em and I took off to buy some very important things for the farm. You know, like a rose bush, potting soil, flowers and some tomato cages. When we got home, I began planting the new bushes in the front flower bed and then I moved to the back of the house and started planting the flowers but I needed the flower pot in the corner.

However, it was quite buried and tangled beneath the grape vine so I enlisted the help of the Farmer to help me untangle and hang the vine. With the planter freed, I began planting all my flowers but realized I had more flowers than pots. Too cheap to go back to the store to buy pots, I scouted the shed and saw this rack.

But I couldn't find the bins. (I'll show you the end result of my project tomorrow.) The Farmer though they were in the garage off the house. In the above picture, the garage is to the right, the laundry room is the left along with an entry door. Now in the summer, the kids usually prop this door open so they can come in and out of the house without having to bug me when they can't get the handle open.

Have y'all figured out where this is leading??

Uh huh, you guessed it. I went into the house to find the bins to find a 3 1/2 foot snake in my laundry room.

I seriously do not think I have ran that fast in years.

I seriously think the neighbors a mile away heard me screaming.

I seriously think I scared the crap outta the Farmer with my screaming for him to come RIGHT NOW!

Apparently, we roused the snake outta his nice cool home by messing with the grape vine. The Farmer called his dad and the neighbors to all come see because he wanted to know what kind of snake it was so he knew whether or not to kill it.

The Farmer and I had a screaming fight (okay really it was just me screaming) that it doesn't matter what kind of snake it is because the only good snake is a dead one. Their supposed rationale is that a bull snake (which apparently what is was) is good at eating mice around the farm.

Their logic is totally ridiculous.

Unfortunately, they removed to the snake to the field across the road.

There may be a farm for sale shortly.


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