Monday, June 18, 2012

Controlling Out of Control Hair

Awhile back, I posted my "new do." Which I absolutely adore, even though I really need to get a hair cut. Unfortunately, on hot humid days much like today, it looks more like this.

I've always like headbands but hated wearing them for a variety of reasons. Those little plastic ones hurt, those skinny little elastic ones don't do much when you have thick, curly hair, and those wide jersey ones just look wrong. Then I found this on pinterest but was too cheap to pay $26 for a headband.

So this afternoon and 15 minutes later, I ended up with this.

And had the Lil' Man model.

 Two simple rectangles twisted together to make the "knot" at top and an elastic band from my daughter's hair basket underneath.

So comfortable.

Now I'm going to go make a bunch more.

And then use them BEFORE my hair starts looking like it did in the first picture.


ps - Yes, it's the middle of June and I still have a Santa Claus up. I figure if he makes it to the 4th of July, I might as well just say I'm decorating early.

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