Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is a great time for...

Letting your chickens weed the gardens.

And easily convincing the Farmer to dig a new flower bed in the front yard. He's much more agreeable to doing this in the spring since he's itching to get into the fields.

Hey, you gotta take it when you can!

We have a dirt basement, which means no isolation. Every fall, the Farmer stacks old stray or haybales around the house. So last year, I put in lots of cedar chips. And then the Farmer used some old loose stray from the haymow to put around the house. Time to rethink the flower beds around the house since most of the cedar chips got raked out when I cleaned out the stray. In the meantime, the girls are scratching up weeds...bless their little hearts! I'm thinking I'm going to incorporate vegetables into my flower beds to tie these beds together. Might make me weed them more often when there are vegetables in there also.



  1. Funny to read this because I got outside when my husband was out there and he was very agreeable to everything I was asking him LOL. You are right, take it when you can!

  2. Your hens are lovely and what good helpers. I look forward to seeing images of your new flower/veggie garden beds eventually. Have a great day.