Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bees and a bear warning

The bees arrived and where installed on Sunday. We're adding three hives and replacing one that we lost last year to swarm so we'll have a total of six hives! Bees being installed is fascinating...I like to watch from a distance! Ha! There have only been two years that I've had to really work with the bees and that was while the Farmer was traveling. One of those years I was pregnant. So yes, beekeeping can be very safe when you're safe about it!

Way over on the right hand side of the picture is the electric fencer. Ours runs off a battery. Two years ago, we have two hives destroyed by a bear so now we take precautions. Installing new bee hives is not an inexpensive hobby to have so we like to protect our investment as much as possible.

It wasn't even 30 minutes after we had the new bees installed when we saw a bear walking up our property line on the backside of the barn. Luckily the bees are on the other side of the property. The Farmer followed behind the bear to see where he went but lost track of him (from like a distance of half a mile!). Fortunately, we haven't seen the bear since. And being the good blogger that I am, I scolded the Farmer for not taking the camera. He gave me the "you're nuts" look. So I gave him the same look because hey, I'm not the one that was following a bear! :)



  1. Congrats on the new hives! Do you guys happen to sell raw honey?

    1. Absolutely...I'm always willing to sell or trade!!!

  2. Wow, I never thought about bears being a problem, but I guess that makes sense!

  3. I am very happy to see your three new packages of bees. I look forward to reading about them all.