Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hatching Eggs

We started out with two dozen eggs in the incubator but are down to five that we know have mass inside. This morning, I found this!

It's been really cold so we've been running the wood furnance which dries out the house. I'm hoping it's not too dry for this little one to finish hatching!

I love hatching eggs. It's awe inspiring to watch them come out of their shells. The kids also love this and it's a great learning experience!



  1. Oh come on lil' chicky!!! Lisa, you must post next week when it's a week old!
    Keeping our fingers crossed they all hatch!

  2. Too bad there's only 5 developing, did you order hatching eggs or are they from your flock? I've got 3 dozen in the incubator right now and haven't candled yet so I don't know how many are fertile. Best of luck with your remaining 5 eggs!

  3. Jennyerin - They were eggs from our flock. I've ordered day old chicks so I wasn't too disappointed that the success rate was so low. We had some roosters fighting right before we separated and they were separated into separate pens but could still see each other so not the best conditions for trying for fertilized eggs this spring.