Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This is Oscar.

Oscar is 3 years old and a new addition to our family. We've been calling him mini-moose.

Moose (Sedrick) was our dog who died last winter at the age of almost 13 years old. Moose was 125 pounds and believed himself to be a lap dog. He loved to "share" the couch and bed with anyone he could talk into it. Moose also was gentle with the kids, loved to go for car rides to visit people, and play with the barn animals.

Oscar is a great little dog. He's gentle with the kids and sleeps with one of them every night. He's never been around farm animals but loves playing with them. This morning he was head butting with the goats. He also loves to go visit people and go on car rides.

Oscar, our mini-moose, also believes himself to be a lap dog. However, since there is 110 pound difference between Oscar and Moose, Oscar ets to be a lap dog more often then Moose did.

And seriously, how could you not love that face!


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