Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Chicks

It never fails. I order chicks and it completely leaves my mind when they are supposed to arrive. Until usually the day before when I open my email and find a shipping notification. Then we're scrambling in the barn at 10 pm after the kiddlings are in bed cleaning and setting up brooder boxes.

It also never fails that I get to the post office for my one box and think, "Oh they didn't ship all my birds, no way they are all in there!"

And they always are!

Ducks and geese in one compartment.

Turkeys in another.

Jumbo Cornish Cross take up the other two compartments.

Stretching and running, exploring their "temporary" home.

These are the two that were born a couple weeks ago. The flash scared the creepers outta this one and he/she went straight up into the air. I laughed at the chicken and I'm pretty sure I hurt its feelings.

Let the summer fun begin!



  1. So fun! I LOVE the little guy that jumped straight up! Poor guy but it is funny! :)

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