Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My washing machine has super powers

My washing machine and dryer have cloaks of invisibility. Seriously, they only reveal themselves to me. I'm quite surprised they actually showed up for this picture.

Fortunately they did or there may be no record of them even existing at all! Unfortunately, the pile of towels and diapers do have a cloak of invisibility.

You may think I'm joking but I've asked other people in this house about them and they look at me like I'm quite odd. I try to explain them but I usually get a glassed over look like they've gone into a trance.

I've tried to figure out if there is a secret word or phrase that makes them reveal themselves so that I could share this secret with others but I've had no success in unlocking their magical powers. Is it the soap I use? Do they have a secret sniffer and can detect my scent??

At first I was quite offended that they only choose me. What a mundane task to be given. But then I realized that this is quite a gift. This secret that I share with my washer and dryer.

I'm honored! You've choosen me!!

It's kinda like the saying, "Money don't grow on trees."

I always think, "They must think the clothes just magically clean themselves!" BUT really, in their eyes they do!

The Farmer gave me the ol' stink eye while I was writing this and said, "So you think the garbage just magically disappears?"

And I looked at him like he was quite odd and said, "But it does! You see, I put the garbage outside the door and the next time I look it's gone!"

And then he said my eyes glazed over...


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  1. Looks as though your washing machine is invisible to me too. It does have magic powers! Now if only my laundry had magical disappearing powers . . .