Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Ghosts

I absolutely love this time of the year. Jeans and hoodies with flip flops, crunching through the fields with my kids looking at beautiful colors and the wonders of nature. I also like the holidays, the warm colors, the fragrant smells. And the desserts, I especially love the desserts and coffee, especially the fall lattes.

I also love the decorating and even more so now with kids. Yesterday we started on some ghosts. This is such a quick project, we have more in the works for today!

Elmer's Glue or ModPodge
Various sized jars or glasses
Markers or googly eyes, buttons, scarps or paper, etc.

Make a solution of glue and water (about 50/50).
Cut cheesecloth in desired size to drape over jar.
Submerge cheesecloth into glue solution and ring out excess.

Drape over jar. See the kitty in the corner of the picture? Yes, our animals are weird.  :)
Let dry.
Decorate and hang!


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