Thursday, December 8, 2011

MadeOn: Skin Care Products Hard Lotion

The Farmer has "man hands." Rough, dry, callused. They split and crack in the winter. He covers them with bandaids. It's par for the course between being a farmer and a mechanic who works outside in the elements on helicopters.

For the past couple of years, he's used Burt's Bees Farmers Friend salve. Which helps keep his skin from cracking but it tends to be greasy and well, it has a very strong herbal scent. But it has worked so we've put up with the smell and the greasiness.

And then I found MadeOn Skin Products website and started reading. And then I bought some of her recipes for lotions. But I hadn't gotten around to making the Hard Lotion but was intrigued since her story is the Farmer's story...the crack, splitting skin.

Source: MadeOn Hard Lotion

And then Renee (the fabulous owner and maker of these uber fabulous items) had a Cyber Monday sale and I ordered a gift pack for the Farmer. I ordered the cute pack shown above. I LOVE the chap stick and the free sample of goat's milk soap she sent in my package and the Farmer LOVE LOVE LOVED the lotion. So much so that when I asked to use some the other night, he told me no, to go get my own. Ha!

My mom has the same problems with dry, splitting skin on her hands so I'm ordering more for Christmas presents. This time I'm going to try the chocolate one!!!

The is a fabulous lotion. It's a hard bar and as you rub the bar, your hands soften the lotion to apply. It's not greasy and has a nice light fragrance.

MadeOn Skin Products has a lot of really great products that I can't wait to try and she also has some great ebooks as well as a ton of information on their website.


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