Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Em's Necklace

Em loves to "help" me while I sew, usually it's holding onto the elastic anytime I'm trying to sew it into a seam. The other day I really had to get some orders out and Con was sleeping and she wanted to help. So I remembered some bags of buttons I'd picked up one day at Walmart and got out a blunt needle and some yarn and Em sat right up next to me at the sewing machine and made this...


...a sweet little button necklace in spring colors.
She loves it so much that it's been part of her daily wardrobe. The dress she's wearing was one of her Valentine's Day dresses. This one I made so she could wear it with jeans, used ribons around the neckline and made a keyhole opening in the back. I get so mad working with knits but she loves it so I'm happy! :)

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