Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being lazy...

I've been lazy. Shane is out of town and I always feel blah when he's gone. At least this is a short trip and he'll be home early next week. I also have tons of pictures on my camera that I'm just too lazy to download and put up. Maybe tomorrow.  :)

To show how lazy I've been...yesterday I read the manual for my sewing machine (which I've never done). I'm not a directions kind of girl, more of a swing it and let's see what happens kind of girl. A lot of the information was really neat and I even ended up ordering a new foot that does invisible zippers. But I did have to laugh because in all of the pictures, it shows a woman sewing in high heels! I can't even sew wearing socks so I couldn't imagine how it would turn out if I had high heels on.

And since I see so many people say on blogs that every post should have a picture, I'll put one up from last summer (I haven't even downloaded pictures off of my camera for a couple of weeks). This is Emily and her uncle Mike having a race down the driveway (yes, Uncle Mike is 26 years old on a toddler bike).  :)



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