Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Skunk Recipes

Last week one morning I awoke to the dog banging on the front door. Thinking the Farmer had left him outside, I let the dog in and started about my morning routine. The dog meanwhile was going nuts, running throughout the house, rubbing himself all over furniture, rugs, over beds, etc. This is not unusual when he is left outside, I think he's trying to warm up. But after a couple of minutes, I realize something stinks...BAD.

I immediately put the dog back outside and call the Farmer to ask him what stinks. He then tells me not to let the dog in the house...long silent pause...He then tells me about his morning of letting the dog outside and then he hears him banging in the garage, walks into the garage (where our wood furnace is kept and running) and sees a skunk which proceeds to spray. He then goes back into the house, get a gun, shoots the skunk...which sprays again.

Because I'm not a morning person, I go about the morning and take the two oldest to school and the youngest to daycare. At daycare, the lady tells me something's the Little Man's jacket and blanket so we put everything outside while I explain our morning and what must have happened. I head back to the van and get a text from my mom who tells me Miss Em's stuff stinks. I call her at school and tell her about my morning and realize not only the dog brought it in but it must have come through the heating vents. I make my mom go back to my kids room and smell them to make sure it's just their outerwear and not them and get to come home to spend three hours carrying out laundry, bedding, etc. and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

After trial and error, these are the best skunk recipes for cleaning out the stink.

Skunk "Febreeze"
Mix one bottle of hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, shake well and SPRAY EVERYTHING.

Pet Cleaner
2 bottles hydrogen peroxide
1 tablespoon liquid soap
Half cup baking soda
Stir together in a pail.
Sponge on liberally
Let sit for 5 minutes
Rinse liberally with water

1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup baking soda
Regular amount of laundry soap

Floor, woodwork, etc.
2 cups vinegar in a pail of water

On things that I wasn't sure should be sprayed with hydrogen peroxide (like the kids dance costumes for their recital) I did use regular febreeze and it did get rid of the smell.

And when your other half comes restarting the wood furnace after you spend the entire day doing laundry and cleaning the house....consider burning everything...and then start over cleaning.


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