Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Corn...

Last night at we had a sweet corn supper at church. One of my favorite things about rural country living is church suppers. You don't even have to belong to a particular church to come. Our church does 4-5 suppers a year and it is always free will offering. Last night's supper consisted of fresh sweet corn from a member's field, sloppy joes, potatoe salad, bread and butter pickles and lots and lots of rich goey yummy bars.

The guys had picked quite a bit a corn and at the end of the night there were still 2 coolers full and one got sent home with me. I'm freezing sweet corn. I have to admit it was a pretty special treat since my kids ate 6 helpings of sweet corn a piece last night!

Canning does give corn a creamier texture but I do like the simplicity of freezing. After blancing the corn for 4-6 minutes, soak in ice water for another 4-6 minutes and then cut off the cob and store in freezer bags. I love using a bunt pan for cutting the corn off the cob because it helps contain the mess. I always bag vegetables in two sizes of bags. I use quart size freezer bags that are perfect for a dinner meal, but I also make two gallon size portions that I store in the freezer in the kitchen. It makes it very easy to grab a handful to heat up for the kid's lunch or to toss into soaps or casseroles!

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