Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bubble Bottom Skirt

Em has been wanting to sew. She's asking for her own sewing machine already and I tell her maybe for Christmas. She did go through the patterns yesterday and the material box (es) and picked out Figgy's Bubble Bottom Skirt and some Amy Butler Love material. The results were beautiful and both of us love the skirt. Em especially loves how it swings.

It is a very simple pattern that went together quick. From cutting to sewing it took me under an hour. The directions are a little confusing (at least to me) but if you just follow basic instructions for attaching a skirt with a lining and a yoke, you'll fly right through. The only thing I'd do on the next one is make the elastic slightly longer (maybe just an inch) on the bottom and make the elastic around the waist slightly shorter.

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