Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It snowed!!! It is absolutely beautiful outside. Actually it's still snowing this morning. Schools are canceled and that really freed up our day. This afternoon we had an appointment at the school to write Emily IEP, a meeting with our pastor regarding Connor's baptism and the kids birthday pictures. The meeting has been rescheduled along with the pictures. Will have to call Pastor to see if he's still coming into town today. That gives me an entire morning to least in between refereeing the kids!

I really need to get Christmas sewing finished. Still have jammies to finish for the kids, Emily's new dress and gift bags for everything to be put into. Yesterday I finished a pair of jammies for Connor and am not sure what I was doing while putting on the ribbing around the collar but it is really stretched out and curly. So I will get to spend a while this morning pulling out all of those stitches...NOT fun to do on knit material.

Connor's baptism is also this weekend and I need to make his baptism gown...nothing like waiting until the last minute! I had hoped he could wear Emily's but my little bambino is quite the big little boy and is a little bigger than his sister was.

Blessing to all and I hope everyone (at least in our area) is enjoying the snow!

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