Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner at the farm

I truly love summer eating. Our dinner tonight.

Chicken - Our farm. I cooked off two chickens a couple nights ago in the crockpot and we're been eating on them for a couple of days. I'd much rather have it roasted in the oven but its been hot, really hot!

Corn on the cob - Local farmer.

Tomatoes - Our garden! YUMMY! Sometimes when it gets hot, I really question why we garden and farm. Then I smell a fresh picked tomato and all my doubts go away.

Green Beans - savanging find. Seriously!

My brother called me this morning and told me that he was driving home with one of his boys and came across a ditched filled with green beans. They stopped to see what it was about. A semi-truck rolled over the night before (the driver is okay) and spilled the entire load of green beans. The kids and I went up to get some and ran into a couple of county highway workers who said to spread the word so people would come get them before whatever wasn't gone by Monday morning would go into compost.

I hate wasted food and thinks our society throws away entirely TOO MUCH purely because it doesn't look perfect. This accident is a perfect example. The company didn't want the green beans because they tumbled out of the truck onto the ground.

Here's what I came home with.

Actually this is about half of what I came home with. I spent the afternoon visiting neighbors, friends and relatives giving away beans.

Now tonight I'm canning. Lots and lots of canning. I barely put a dent in these and most of them are going to church with me tomorrow to give away the rest.


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  1. Wonderful home grown meal and awesome find on the green beans. Love it when stuff like that happens!